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If not properly attended to, your headlights could become cloudy and yellowed. This is not only unattractive on your vehicle, but it could create potential dangers for you or other drivers.


When headlights become foggy or cloudy, they reduce the illumination factor for night driving. These conditions could be dangerous as you cannot see and others cannot see you.

Ensure safe visibility on the road for yourself and others

Get long lasting results for your headlights

Depending on the make or model, headlights could range between $100 up to $2000. By keeping up with your headlight restoration, you will save yourself money and increase your visibility. In most cases, the headlights themselves are still good to use, it is simply the lens that is cloudy and needs attention. Reach Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings for quality headlight restoration services.

  • Hazy, yellowish, dull or cloudy headlights can look as good as new

  • Increase the lifespan of your headlights

  • Improves sight distance

  • Safer driving conditions

  • Improves your lights efficiency

  • Improves vehicle appearance

Benefits of a quality restoration

Set up an appointment to have your headlights thoroughly cleaned:


shutterstock_144040552-scr Before and After Headlight Restoration